Clinical Orthopaedics and Related Research®

, Volume 467, Issue 10, pp 2556–2560

Executive Summary: Value-based Purchasing and Technology Assessment in Orthopaedics

Symposium: ABJS Carl T. Brighton Workshop on Health Policy Issues in Orthopaedic Surgery


As US healthcare expenditures continue to rise, reform has shifted from spending controls to value-based purchasing. This paradigm shift is a drastic change on how health care is delivered and reimbursed. For the shift to work, policymakers and physicians must restructure the present system by using initiatives such as process reengineering, insurance and payment reforms, physician reeducation, data and quality measurements, and technology assessments. Value, as defined in economic terms, will be a critical concept in modern healthcare reform. We summarize the conclusions of this ABJS Carl T. Brighton Workshop on healthcare reform.

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  1. 1.Hospital for Special SurgeryNew YorkUSA
  2. 2.Washington University OrthopaedicsSt LouisUSA
  3. 3.University of California–San Francisco Medical CenterSan FranciscoUSA

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