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Randomized Trials to Modify Patients’ Preoperative Expectations of Hip and Knee Arthroplasties

  • Carol A. MancusoEmail author
  • Suzanne Graziano
  • Lisa M. Briskie
  • Margaret G. E. Peterson
  • Paul M. Pellicci
  • Eduardo A. Salvati
  • Thomas P. Sculco
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Patients have multiple expectations of THA and TKA. We asked whether preoperative educational classes addressing recovery during the first year could modify patients’ expectations of their 12-month postoperative recovery. Participants were enrolled consecutively in two randomized, controlled trials, one for THA (177 patients) and one for TKA (143 patients). Control patients preoperatively received a standard THA or TKA class addressing recovery immediately after surgery. Intervention patients preoperatively received the standard class plus a joint-specific module addressing recovery during the first 12 months. Before and after the class, patients completed either a hip-specific or knee-specific validated expectations survey. The main outcome was the within-patient change in expectation scores (maximum increase, +100; maximum decrease, −100) before and after the class but preoperatively. Mean changes in hip scores were +3.3 ± 8 for intervention patients (range, −22–+32) and +4.9 ± 8 for control patients (range, −13–+29). Mean changes in knee scores were −3.4 ± 10 for intervention patients (range, −26–+33) and +2.4 ± 10 for control patients (range, −30–+30). Patients’ preoperative expectations of their recovery from THA or TKA can be modified by preoperative educational classes.

Level of Evidence: Level I, therapeutic study. See the Guidelines for Authors for a complete description of levels of evidence.


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We thank Steven B. Haas, MD, Russell E. Windsor, MD, Lobel Lurie, RN, and Jeanmarie Ginty-Zusi, RN, for their participation.


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  • Suzanne Graziano
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  • Lisa M. Briskie
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  • Margaret G. E. Peterson
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  • Paul M. Pellicci
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  • Eduardo A. Salvati
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  • Thomas P. Sculco
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