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  • Mark Nichols


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Due to the continued importance of the corrosion protection of substrates by coatings, we have produced a special issue of the Journal of Coatings Technology and Research focused on the formulation, application, and testing of corrosion preventative coatings. In particular, advances in corrosion inhibiting additives, such as conduction polymers and environmentally sustainable compounds, are examined in a number of manuscripts. The effects of conversion coatings and pretreatments based on nonchrome-containing compounds continue to be an extremely challenging technical problem and are also addressed in this issue. Additional manuscripts cover the growing importance of electrodeposited coatings and the corrosion protection of traditional ferrous substrates. We believe that this collection of manuscripts represents an important contribution to the ongoing understanding of how coating formulation and application affect the corrosion performance of modern material systems, and we hope that JCTR’s readers will find them a valuable addition to the literature as well.

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