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, Volume 1, Issue 2, pp 196–200

A Comparison of the Meat Qualities from the Hanwoo (Korean Native Cattle) and Holstein Steer



This study was conducted to compare the meat qualities from the Hanwoo (Korean native cattle) and Holstein steer. A total of 48 Hanwoo (Korean native cattle) and Holstein steers (20 months old and averaging 500 kg in weight) were allotted into one of four groups (T1, B1+ meat grade Hanwoo; T2, B1 meat grade Hanwoo; T3, B1+ meat grade Holstein; T4, B1 meat grade Holstein). Meat grade were estimated by the Korean carcass grading system (National Livestock Cooperatives Federation, NLCF, 1998). Water content was higher in both of B1+-grade Holstein and B1-grade Holstein sample. B1+-grade Holstein sample was also higher in crude protein content, whereas ash content was higher in both B1+- and B1-grade Hanwoo samples. Shear force value was significantly lower in Holstein samples compared with Hanwoo samples. In fatty composition, the ratio of unsaturated fatty acid was higher, and saturated fatty acid was lower in Holstein samples. In sensory evaluation, aroma was higher in B1-grade Hanwoo sample than those of other samples, whereas flavor was highest in B1+-grade Hanwoo sample. Tenderness was significantly higher in Holstein samples compared with Hanwoo samples. In conclusion, Hanwoo beef had higher ash contents, aroma, and flavor, whereas meat tenderness was higher in Holstein samples.


Hanwoo (Korean native cattle) Holstein Physical properties Fatty acid composition Tenderness 

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