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Chronic Scrotal Pain

  • Christopher Wu
  • Keith Jarvi
Men's Health (A Dabaja, Section Editor)
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Purpose of Review

Chronic scrotal pain (CSP) is a common yet poorly understood condition, with significant impacts on overall quality of life. Many patients will have sought evaluation and management from multiple providers in an attempt to find a solution for their pain.

Recent Findings

Despite many emerging treatments for CSP and further understanding of the potential etiologies and pathophysiological basis of the condition, its natural history is poorly understood. It is also important to recognize the psychosocial impact of CSP and consider formal referral for psychological evaluation and treatment if the patient endorses significant psychiatric responses to pain. It is important to also recognize the neuropathic component of pain that may arise in patients with CSP. Neuropathic medications show promise as a narcotic-sparing pharmacological intervention. There are promising surgical options for CSP including microsurgical denervation of the spermatic cord.


This article highlights the current best practice recommendations on the evaluation and management of chronic scrotal pain.


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