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Penile Fracture and Penile Reconstruction

  • Giulio Garaffa
  • Amr Abdel Raheem
  • David John Ralph


The past decade has seen a significant development in penile reconstruction techniques, and the management of penile fracture has progressively shifted from a conservative approach to early surgical repair. The radial artery–based free flap phalloplasty now represents the gold-standard procedure for total phallic reconstruction both in men and in female-to-male transsexuals.


Penile fracture Penile curvature Erectile dysfunction Penile cancer Lichen sclerosus Phalloplasty Urethroplasty Penile prosthesis Radial artery–based free flap phalloplasty RAFF Penile shaft reconstruction Glansectomy Micropenis Aphallia Transsexuals (female-to-male) Surgery 



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  • Giulio Garaffa
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  • Amr Abdel Raheem
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  • David John Ralph
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