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Plant-Derived Supplements for Sexual Health and Problems, Part 2: Further Evidence for Specific Herbal Effects

  • David L. RowlandEmail author
  • Sean M. McNabney
  • Krystal R. Mulzon
  • Samantha Trammell
Preclinical and Psychophysiology (F Guarraci and L Marson, Section Editors)
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Purpose of Review

In this review, we revisit and evaluate empirical research on six herbal supplements purported to affect sexual and/or reproductive function in men and women.

Recent Findings

We summarize and critically review recent evidence—both human and non-human—supporting the role of six commonly cited herbs on men’s and women’s sexual health, identifying possible mechanisms of action, as well as gaps in the literature.


Burgeoning interest in phytochemical research over the past decade has helped to elucidate potential mechanisms of action through which these plant-derived supplements may exert pro-sexual benefits. More methodologically rigorous, large-scale clinical trials are still needed to determine the extent to which encouraging findings in rodent, cell culture, and ex vivo models are generalizable to human populations.


Phytochemicals Herbs Plant-derived supplements Sexual health Sexual dysfunction Sexual desire Erectile function 


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