Bariatric Surgery Prior to Total Joint Arthroplasty, Does it Decrease the Risk of Obesity Related Perioperative Complications?

  • A. I. Stavrakis
  • A. Khoshbin
  • A. S. McLawhorn
  • M. L. Parks
Surgery and Perioperative Care (S Goodman, Section Editor)
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Purpose of Review

The purpose of this review paper is to provide an overview of the relationship between obesity, osteoarthritis, arthroplasty outcomes, and the potential use of bariatric surgery to improve these outcomes.

Recent Findings

Unfortunately, the findings in the currently available literature evaluating the role of bariatric surgery prior to arthroplasty surgery largely rely on retrospective data and their results are somewhat conflicting.


Future prospective studies are needed to further evaluate whether or not bariatric surgery prior to arthroplasty surgery may be of benefit for patients. Additional research is needed to identify other methods to minimize complications that obese patients are particularly prone to developing following arthroplasty surgery.


Obesity Bariatric surgery Arthroplasty Complications Outcomes 


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