The Status of Pain Research in Academia and how We Are Doing in the United States

  • Alaa Abd-ElsayedEmail author
  • Kenneth Fiala
Invited Commentary

The goal of our work was to evaluate the status of pain research in academia. We wanted to find out if majority of research in pain management was performed in academic institutes or in private practice setting.

The data used in this study was acquired through the online database Scopus. Scopus allowed us to search its database while using affiliation as a parameter. We used the advanced search tool to perform a search of all published documents that had “pain” in either their title, abstract, or as a keyword. This search yielded 1,008,913 results. Then this was narrowed down to just papers published that fall into the subject area of medicine using the refining tool in Scopus to yield 861,750 results. These document results were then narrowed down to the past 50 years which yielded 847,031 results. Another search was then performed to find all papers within the database that had any affiliation with a college, school, institute, or university producing 43,618,292 results. To find...


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