Understanding Multisymptom Presentations in Chronic Pelvic Pain: The Inter-relationships Between the Viscera and Myofascial Pelvic Floor Dysfunction

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DOI: 10.1007/s11916-011-0215-1

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Hoffman, D. Curr Pain Headache Rep (2011) 15: 343. doi:10.1007/s11916-011-0215-1


Patients presenting with chronic pelvic pain frequently complain of multiple symptoms that appear to involve more than one organ system, creating diagnostic confusion. The multisymptom presentation of chronic pelvic pain has been frequently described. This article describes four proposed explanations for the clinical observation of multisymptom presentations of patients with chronic pelvic pain. These include the concepts of viscerovisceral convergence; viscerosomatic convergence; hypertonicity of pelvic floor muscles creating visceral symptoms along with somatovisceral convergence; and central sensitization with expansion of receptive fields.


Viscerovisceral convergence Viscerosomatic convergence Somatovisceral convergence Central sensitization Pelvic floor muscle dysfunction Myofascial pain 

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