Current Pain and Headache Reports

, Volume 10, Issue 6, pp 408–414

Temporomandibular joint pain and dysfunction


DOI: 10.1007/s11916-006-0070-7

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Herb, K., Cho, S. & Stiles, M.A. Current Science Inc (2006) 10: 408. doi:10.1007/s11916-006-0070-7


Pain caused by temporomandibular disorders originates from either muscular or articular conditions, or both. Distinguishing the precise source of the pain is a signi ficant diagnostic challenge to clinicians, and effective management hinges on establishing a correct diagnosis. This paper examines terminology and regional anatomy as it pertains to functional and dysfunctional states of the temporomandibular joint and muscles of mastication. A review of the pathophysiology of the most common disorders is provided. Trends in evaluation, diagnosis, treatment, and research are presented.

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  1. 1.Department of Oral and Maxillofacial SurgeryThomas Jefferson University HospitalPhiladelphiaUSA

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