CMV Prevention and Treatment in Transplantation: What’s New in 2019

  • Anat Stern
  • Genovefa A. PapanicolaouEmail author
Transplant and Oncology (M Ison, N Theodoropoulos, and S Pergam, Section Editors)
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Purpose of Review

Transplant recipients are at risk for cytomegalovirus (CMV) infection and associated morbidity and mortality. We summarize recently introduced or currently investigated modalities for prevention and treatment of CMV infection in hematopoietic cell (HCT) and solid organ transplant (SOT) recipients.

Recent Findings

Letermovir was recently approved for CMV prevention in HCT recipients. Data from real world studies support its role to improve outcomes in this population. Letermovir is currently under investigation for broader patient populations and indications. Maribavir is in late stages of development for CMV treatment and may provide a safer alternative to currently available anti-CMV drugs. Promising CMV vaccine candidates and adoptive cell therapy approaches are under evaluation. CMV immune monitoring assays are predicted to play a more central role in our clinical decision making.


In recent years, major advances have been made in CMV prevention and treatment in transplant recipients. Rigorous research is ongoing and is anticipated to further impact our ability to improve outcomes in this population.


Cytomegalovirus (CMV) Hematopoietic cell transplant (HCT) Solid organ transplant (SOT) Cell-mediated immunity (CMI) Prophylaxis Preemptive treatment 


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Genovefa Papanicolaou has been an investigator for Astellas Pharma, Chimerix Inc., Merck & Co, and Shire and has received funding and/or other fees from Astellas Pharma, Chimerix Inc., Merck & Co, Clinigen, Ideogen, and Oxford Immunotech.

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