Treatment of Aortic Graft Infection in the Endovascular Era

  • Rebecca Sorber
  • Michael J. Osgood
  • Christopher J. Abularrage
  • James H. BlackIII
  • Ying Wei LumEmail author
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Purpose of Review

This review provides an overview of the current literature surrounding the medical and surgical treatment of aortic graft infection with particular focus on the role of endovascular aortic grafts in the changing demographics and management of these infections.

Recent Findings

Definitive therapy for aortic graft infection continues to include parenteral antibiotics and surgical explantation and revascularization procedures, which are historically vast operations and sources of significant operative stress. Surgical management has evolved to include more options for infection resistant in situ conduits, attempts at partial explantations, and use of endovascular therapy to temporize the urgent sequelae of these infections, such as aortoenteric fistula.


Aortic graft infection continues to be a significant and morbid complication of graft placement even with the advent of endovascular therapy, and its treatment will only increase in difficulty as a more frail population has gained access to complex aortic repair. In the future, more flexible revascularization and partial explantation options are keys, along with long-term suppressive antibiotics where appropriate.


Aortic graft infection Endovascular infection Stent-graft infection Aortoenteric fistula Explantation In situ reconstruction 


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