Current Infectious Disease Reports

, Volume 14, Issue 6, pp 627–632

Health-Care Worker Vaccination for Influenza: Strategies and Controversies

Healthcare-Associated Infections (G Bearman and M Stevens, Section Editors)


Influenza infections cause significant morbidity and mortality throughout the world, and vaccination rates of health-care workers remain well below target goals. Strategies for increasing vaccination rates include mandatory vaccination of health-care workers, mandatory declination, employee incentives, intensive education, increased access to vaccines, and the use of social media to inform employees of the safety and efficacy of vaccination. While these strategies in combination have been shown to be effective in increasing vaccination rates, personal and religious objections, as well as the potential for infringing on individual autonomy, remain challenges in our efforts to bring health-care worker vaccination rates up to target goals.


Influenza vaccination Mandatory vaccination Health-care worker vaccination Nosocomial influenza 


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