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Evaluating Heart Failure After Implantation of Mechanical Circulatory Support Devices

  • Keyur B. Shah
  • Daniel G. Tang
  • Richard H. Cooke
  • Michael C. Kontos
  • Neil P. Lewis
  • Gundars J. Katlaps
  • Michael L. Hess
  • Vigneshwar Kasirajan
Nonpharmacologic Therapy: Surgery, Ventricular Assist Devices, Biventricular Pacing, and Exercise (AK Hasan, Section Editor)


The medical community has seen an explosive rise in the utilization of implantable mechanical circulatory support devices for late-stage cardiomyopathy. Care for these complex patients requires a basic understanding of device physiology and potential complications. This review focuses on an algorithm that incorporates a careful clinical history and examination with diagnostic modalities for the evaluation of a patient who is failing therapy with a continuous-flow left ventricular assist device, as well as the general management and optimization of patients implanted with an artificial heart.


Heart-assist devices Heart failure Heart transplantation Mechanical circulatory support Ventricular assist device Total artificial heart Nonpharmacologic therapy 



K. B. Shah: none; D. G. Tang: none; R. H. Cooke: none; M. C. Kontos: none; N. P. Lewis: none. Dr. Gundars J. Katlaps owns stock interest in Thoratec Corporation. M. L. Hess: none. Dr. Vigneshwar Kasirajan has served as a consultant and as a proctor for device implantation for SynCardia Systems, Inc.


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  • Michael C. Kontos
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  • Neil P. Lewis
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  • Gundars J. Katlaps
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  • Michael L. Hess
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  2. 2.McGuire Veteran’s Administration HospitalRichmondUSA

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