A Brief Update on the Management of Hepatitis Delta

  • Nayantara Orekondy
  • Eric R. KallwitzEmail author
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Hepatitis Delta

Hepatitis delta (HDV) is an incomplete virus requiring hepatitis B (HBV), specifically hepatitis B surface antigen (HBsAg) to replicate. HDV can present as an acute or chronic infection and has been described as the most severe chronic viral hepatitis [1]. HDV has a seroprevalence of approximately 5% of persons with chronic HBV with an estimated 15–20 million people infected with HDV worldwide [2, 3]. Fortunately, the number of HDV-infected persons has decreased since the 1990s due to the successful global HBV vaccination program [4]. The only approved treatment agent for HDV is interferon (IFN)-α; however, pegylated interferon is the current standard of care. Interferon-based therapy is limited by poor response, high rates of relapse, and adverse effects [5, 6]. Presently, there are three novel therapies that are being evaluated for chronic HDV infection, lonafarnib [7], REP2139-CA [8], and myrcludex B [1, 9]. Given the severity of HDV, newer and more effective...


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