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Intraocular Inflammation in Diabetic Populations

  • Wajiha J. Kheir
  • Huda A. Sheheitli
  • Rola N. Hamam
Microvascular Complications—Retinopathy (JK Sun and PS Silva, Section Editors)
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Purpose of review

The purpose of this review is to determine the prevalence of uveitis in the diabetic population, the clinical features of the uveitis and diabetes when coexisting and pathophysiology of a possible correlation. We also aim to review the cases of diabetes and uveitis in the literature.

Recent findings

The basis of an association between uveitis and diabetes mellitus (DM) is the common pathophysiology of inflammation. There are several reports on a DM-related uveitis, defined as idiopathic anterior uveitis in the presence of poorly controlled DM, but causation has not been established.


There are conflicting results in the literature regarding an association between uveitis and DM. More studies are needed to determine if an association truly exists.


Uveitis Diabetes mellitus Blood-retinal barrier Blood-aqueous barrier Panretinal photocoagulation Intraocular inflammation 


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Wajiha J. Kheir, Huda A. Sheheitli, and Rola N. Hamam declare that they have no conflict of interest.

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  • Huda A. Sheheitli
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  • Rola N. Hamam
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