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Is There a Relationship Between Oral Health and Diabetic Neuropathy?

  • Wenche S. BorgnakkeEmail author
  • Patricia F. Anderson
  • Carol Shannon
  • Anca Jivanescu
Microvascular Complications—Neuropathy (R Pop-Busui, Section Editor)
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Diabetic neuropathy is the most common microvascular complication of diabetes mellitus with high morbidity and mortality, and low quality of life. It has a broad spectrum of clinical forms, although distal symmetrical polyneuropathy is the most prevalent. Several oral complications including burning mouth syndrome, dry mouth, and impairment of the senses taste and smell are less-known manifestations of diabetic neuropathy and often overlooked. Periodontitis, tooth loss, and temporomandibular joint dysfunction may be also present in these patients and are equally debilitating. Periodontitis was declared the sixth complication of diabetes in 1993 and may contribute to poor glucose control. Hence, periodontitis and diabetes mutually and adversely affect each other. This review summarizes the available body of scientific literature that discusses oral manifestations in patients with diabetic neuropathy and identifies important areas where more research is needed.


Burning mouth syndrome Diabetic neuropathies Dysgeusia Glossodynia Hyposalivation Inflammation Interprofessional relations Mouth dryness Periodontitis Periodontal treatment Xerostomia 


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