Current Cardiology Reports

, Volume 5, Issue 2, pp 148–152

The selection of antithrombotic agents in the prevention of recurrent ischemic stroke

  • Cathy M. Helgason


The scientific selection of antithrombotic therapy has been dominated by group-based interpretation of data in the form of probability-based statistics in evidence-based medicine. Because the data in large randomized trials are grouped and averaged, the relationship to initial conditions of the patient is lost. There is a pathologic model and basis by which antithrombotic agents may be chosen for prevention of recurrent thrombus and thromboembolism in patients with stroke. This model applies in all settings, but has not been tested when the elements of the model remain connected to the individual patient and his or her unique context. Alternative math models and perception-based science respect the criticality of initial conditions and capture the rules that apply to the actual causal mechanisms within the patient's body. Individualized patient rather than group-based choices insure thrombus-type specific targeted therapy.


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  • Cathy M. Helgason
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