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Maxillary sinusitis of odontogenic origin



Odontogenic etiology accounts for 10% to 12% of cases of maxillary sinusitis. Although uncommon, direct spread of dental infections into the maxillary sinus is possible due to the close relationship of the maxillary posterior teeth to the maxillary sinus. If a periapical dental infection or dental/oral surgery procedure violates the schneiderian membrane integrity, infection will likely spread into the sinus, leading to sinusitis. An odontogenic source should be considered in individuals with symptoms of maxillary sinusitis and a history of dental or jaw pain; dental infection; oral, periodontal, or endodontic surgery; and in those people resistant to conventional sinusitis therapy. An odontogenic infection is a polymicrobial aerobic-anaerobic infection, with anaerobes outnumbering the aerobes. Diagnosis requires a thorough dental and clinical evaluation, including radiographs. Management of sinus disease of odontogenic origin often requires medical treatment with appropriate antibiotics, surgical drainage when indicated, and treatment to remove the offending dental etiology.


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