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Harmonic oscillator perturbed by a decreasing scalar potential

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In this paper we study the perturbation \(L=H+V\), where \(H=-\frac{{{d}^{2m}}}{d{{x}^{2m}}}+{{x}^{2m}}\) on \(\mathbb {R}\), \(m\in {{\mathbb {N}}^{*}}\) and V is a decreasing scalar potential. Let \({{\lambda }_{k}}\) be the \(k^{th}\) eigenvalue of H. We suppose that the eigenvalues of L around \({{\lambda }_{k}}\) can be written in the form \({{\lambda }_{k}}+{{\mu }_{k}}\). The main result of the paper is an asymptotic formula for fluctuation \(\{ {{\mu }_{k}} \}\) which is given by a transformation of V. In the case \(m=1\) we recover a result on the harmonic oscillator.

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  • Averaging method
  • Pseudo-differential operator
  • Perturbation theory
  • Spectrum
  • Eigenvalue asymptotics

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