Radical Trachelectomy for Early Stage Cervical Cancer

  • Anthony CostalesEmail author
  • Chad Michener
  • Pedro F. Escobar-Rodriguez
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Opinion Statement

In patients with early-stage cervical cancer, radical hysterectomy and pelvic lymphadenectomy is the gold standard. However, this disease commonly affects women of childbearing age; thus an option to spare fertility is ideal. This option came to fruition in the early 90s when the Dargent procedure or radical trachelectomy was first reported. The procedure has subsequently been modified as technology has improved and now may be performed via minimally invasive techniques. Additionally, with the advent of the sentinel lymph node procedure, the morbidity in this usually young patient population has continued to improve. There is a multitude of data to show that oncologic outcomes, concerning recurrence and mortality, are comparable to radical hysterectomy, as well as obstetrical outcomes are favorable. Data to support its acceptance within the gynecologic oncology community has led to radical trachelectomy being implemented into governing body guidelines and should be offered to appropriate candidates with early-stage cervical cancer who wish to preserve fertility.


Early stage cervical cancer Radical trachelectomy Fertility sparing 


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