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Alexander Karp and Bruce R. Vogeli (eds): Russian mathematics education: history and world significance. Series on mathematics education

World Scientific vol. 4, 2010, ISBN-13 978-981-4277-05-1
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Book Review

This book is the fourth volume in the mathematics education series of World Scientific edited by Mogens Niss of Roskilde University (Denmark), Lee Peng Yee of National Institute of Education (Singapore) and Jeremy Kilpatrick of the University of Georgia (USA). The editors of this volume, Alexander Karp and Bruce R. Vogeli of Columbia University (USA) are both well known in mathematics education in the US and around the world. They have numerous publications between them particularly of mathematics textbooks. In 1992–2000, Karp was involved in the reform of the system of Russian mathematics examinations (including the revision of their content). He was chairman of the Mathematics Department of the St. Petersburg City Independent Examination and Assessment Board. Karp is particularly interested in the history of mathematics education. This book indulges that interest and draws on his former experience in the Russian mathematics education community.

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Special thanks go to Andrew McCaffery, Brandon Budd, Brian Jonas, Cassandra Depew, Christopher Rezykowski, Gina Gliniecki, Heather Yonkin and Mallory Pencek who contributed to the chapter reviews of this book in the Mathematic Education and Methods class at Keystone College in November 2010.


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