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Joan B. Garfield and Dani Ben-Zvi: Developing students’ statistical reasoning: connecting research and teaching practice

Springer, 2008, 408 pp
  • Jane Watson
Book Review

Garfield and Ben-Zvi have taken on an enormous task in their book, Developing Students’ Statistical Reasoning. Realizing the importance of statistics across many academic fields, in many professions, and to decision-making citizens in society, they set out to address the issues that will assist those teaching the skills needed for the 21st century. The further realization that it is not only highly mathematically talented students who need the fundamental reasoning skills, led them to question the traditional introductory statistics course content and the methods used to teach it. The evidence they present of the difficulties experienced by students in the introductory statistics courses required by various faculties across colleges and universities suggests that a change in approach is urgently needed. Acknowledging that in recent years curriculum changes at the school level in many countries have provided a new foundation for building statistical understanding, they take on the...


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