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, Volume 190, Issue 1, pp 413–444 | Cite as

A lattice in more than two Kac-Moody groups is arithmetic

  • Pierre-Emmanuel Caprace
  • Nicolas Monod


Let Γ < G 1 × … × G n be an irreducible lattice in a product of infinite irreducible complete Kac-Moody groups of simply laced type over finite fields. We show that if n ≥ 3, then each G i is a simple algebraic group over a local field and Γ is an S-arithmetic lattice. This relies on the following alternative which is satisfied by any irreducible lattice provided n ≥ 2: either Γ is an S-arithmetic (hence linear) group, or Γ is not residually finite. In that case, it is even virtually simple when the ground field is large enough. More general CAT(0) groups are also considered throughout.


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  1. 1.UCLouvainLouvain-la-NeuveBelgium
  2. 2.EPFLLausanneSwitzerland

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