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Range description for a spherical mean transform on spaces of constant curvature

  • Linh V. Nguyen


Let X be a Riemannian manifold and R be the spherical mean transform in X. Let S be a geodesic sphere in X and R S be the restriction of R to the set of geodesic spheres centered on S. We present a complete range description for R S when X is either the hyperbolic space H n or the sphere S n (n ≥ 2 in both cases). The description is analogous to a result for the euclidean space ℝ n obtained by M. Agranovsky, D. Finch, and P. Kuchment and by M. Agranovsky and L. V. Nguyen.


Inverse Problem Riemannian Manifold Hyperbolic Space Constant Curvature Orthogonality Condition 
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