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This paper is part of a paper series on the Buddhist Notion of Intersubjectivity, published in this journal from 2017 to 2019, guest-edited by Roy Tzohar and Jake Davis. Readers are recommended to view these papers in the following order: Tzohar, R. ‘The Buddhist Philosophical Conception of Intersubjectivity: Introduction.’ Sophia,; Tzohar, R. 2017. ‘Imagine Being a Preta: Early Indian Yogācāra Approaches to Intersubjectivity.’ Sophia, 56, 337–354; Prueitt, C. 2018. ‘Karmic Imprints, Exclusion, and the Creation of the Worlds of Conventional Experience in Dharmakīrti’s Thought.’ Sophia, 57, 313–335; Kachru, S. 2019. ‘Ratnakīrti and the Extent of Inner Space: An Essay on Yogācāra and the Threat of Genuine of Solipsism.’ Sophia,; Garfield, J. L. ‘I Take Refuge in the Sangha. But how? The Puzzle of Intersubjectivity in Buddhist Philosophy Comments on Tzohar, Prueitt, and Kachru.’ Sophia,


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