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Review of Philip C. Almond, God: A New Biography

London and New York: I B Taurus, 2018, ISBN 978-1-78453-765-4, hb, 274 pp.
  • Reg Naulty

The great theme of the book is how it was that God who created the world out of nothing came to be aligned with a God who emanated the world out of himself. In other words, it is about the interaction of the transcendent God of the Bible with the immanent God of Neoplatonism. Almond has published over a dozen books; this is a tour de force. It is a superb essay in the history of ideas.

Nevertheless, it is impossible to write a book about the marriage of Athens and Jerusalem without entering the controversial territory, and this book does. It takes the Neoplatonic mystical tradition at face value, without considering that it may be a carrier of the meditation mystical tradition. Plotinus (205–270 CE), who originates Neoplatonic mysticism, had a strong interest in Indian culture. That is why, at the age of 38, he joined the expedition of Gordianus against the Persians: he wanted to travel the distance to Persia with the Roman Army. It was defeated in what is now Iraq, and he made his way...

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