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Loke on the Infinite God Objection

  • Jacobus ErasmusEmail author


In a recent article, Andrew Ter Ern Loke raises several objections to Jacobus Erasmus and Anné Hendrik Verhoef’s exposition and response to the so-called ‘Infinite God Objection’ to the kalām cosmological argument. According to this objection, the argument against the possibility of an actual infinite brings into question the view that God’s knowledge is infinite. Erasmus and Verhoef’s solution to this objection, which Loke criticises, depends on an unusual account of omniscience. In this article, I respond to Loke and show that his objections are unsuccessful.


Infinite God objection Kalām cosmological argument Abstract objects Omniscience 



I wish to thank the anonymous reviewers and the editor of Sophia for their valuable input and support.


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