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Questions from the Borders: a Response to Kevin Hart’s Kingdoms of God

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In a series of 13 essays, Kingdoms of God1 provides a robust sketch of Kevin Hart’s understanding of the basileia tou Theou. Hart is working here in a primarily phenomenological rather than historical mode. Accordingly, he does not give a genealogical survey of the concept of a divine kingdom—as a reality both present and yet to come—but rather he offers a constructive proposal coming out of a particularly phenomenological tradition of theology.

Hart begins his book with a couple of caveats that the reader does well to keep in mind before working through his argument. First, this is not a systematic vision, but a series of occasional essays fleshing out the phenomenon of the basileia from a variety of perspectives, and in conversation with a broad-ranging collection of literary, theological, and philosophical interlocutors. Secondly, as the title of the book (which takes ‘kingdom’ in the plural) already signals, Hart cautions against resting in any one single definition of the basileia...


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