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Review of Anna Marmodoro and Jonathan Hill, eds., The Metaphysics of the Incarnation

Oxford and New York: Oxford University Press, 2011, ISBN 978-0-19-958316-4, hb, 253pp.
  • Alan G. PadgettEmail author

Regular readers of Sophia will know of the growth of analytical philosophy of religion over the last few decades in two directions. One direction moves into deeper details in specific religions and thus moves away from general theism. Specific doctrines of particular world religions are now being investigated, for example, karma in Buddhism or Holy Communion in Christianity. Another direction is the general development of analytical metaphysics applied to topics in philosophy of religion.

This anthology of essays represents new scholarship that follows both of these directions. All of the authors use current work in analytical metaphysics and focus on issues arising from the Christian doctrine of the incarnation of God the Son. While not all of the authors are Christians, all of them do follow robust analytical methods that include developments in metaphysics.

Jonathan Hill, co-editor, opens with a fine chapter that surveys the main ideas and conceptual problems around Christ’s full...

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