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Advances in composite materials for thermal management in electronic packaging

  • Carl Zweben
Overview Thermal Management


A variety of new advanced composite materials are now available that provide great advantages over conventional materials for electronic packaging thermal control, including extremely high thermal conductivities (more than twice that of copper); low tailorable coefficients of thermal expansion; weight savings up to 80 percent; extremely high strength and stiffness; low-cost, net-shape fabrication processes; and cost reductions as high as 65 percent. In addition, composites are in a state of continual development that will provide even greater benefits. This article provides an overview of advanced composites used in thermal management, including properties, applications, and future trends. The focus is on materials having thermal conductivities at least as high as those of aluminum alloys. Future trends and the potential for composites in other aspects of the electronics industry, such as high-speed assembly machine materials of construction, are also examined.


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