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Structures and Mechanical Properties of Al-Al2Cu Interfaces

  • Guisen Liu
  • Mingyu Gong
  • Dongyue Xie
  • Jian WangEmail author
Deformation and Transitions at Grain Boundaries


Al-Cu eutectic composites are composed of α-Al and θ-Al2Cu phases. Al-Al2Cu interfaces play a crucial role in determining the deformation modes and mechanical properties of nanoscale Al-Cu composites. In this work, we studied the structures and properties of the \( \left( {110} \right)_{{{\text{Al}}_{ 2} {\text{Cu}}}} \left\| {\left( {111} \right)_{\text{Al}} } \right. \) interface and elucidated corresponding plastic deformation mechanisms by using atomistic simulations. The \( \left( {110} \right)_{{{\text{Al}}_{ 2} {\text{Cu}}}} \left\| {\left( {111} \right)_{\text{Al}} } \right. \) interface comprises three sets of Shockley partial dislocations that divide the interface into three types of coherent structures. The interface exhibits isotropic, low shear resistance corresponding to the easy gliding and threefold symmetry of interface dislocations. Under mechanical straining parallel to the interface, unusual slips occur on \( \left\{ {011} \right\}_{{{\text{Al}}_{ 2} {\text{Cu}}}} \) planes. Such an unexpected shear mode in Al2Cu phase is ascribed to the slip continuity across the Al-Al2Cu interface and the dislocations deposited at Al-Al2Cu interfaces.



This research is sponsored by the DOE, Office of Science, Office of Basic Energy Sciences under award no. DE-SC0016808. The authors also thank Dr. Qing Zhou and Ms. Lin Chen for valuable discussion while visiting UNL. Atomistic simulations were conducted at the Holland Computing Center (HCC), a high-performance computing resource for the University of Nebraska System.


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