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Fabrication of Ag/La(OH)3 Nanorod Framework Composites Through Dealloying for CO Oxidation

  • Xiangyang Li
  • Lanjie Niu
  • Xiaolong Zhang
  • Dong Duan
  • Kun Li
  • Zhanbo SunEmail author
Advanced Nanocomposite Materials: Structure-Property Relationships


Ag/La(OH)3 nanorod framework composites were fabricated by dealloying melt-spun Al-La-Ag alloys for CO oxidation. After the removal of Al from the precursory alloys, La(OH)3 nanorods bonded with each other to form a novel three-dimension (3D) architecture with nanopores. When the dealloyed samples were calcined at 300°C, Ag nanoparticles (NPs) were in situ supported on the surface of the nanorods and simultaneously contact interfaces were generated between the Ag NPs and the La(OH)3 nanorods. The large specific surface areas, unique 3D framework structure and active OH radicals were believed to contribute to the improvement of the catalytic activity for CO oxidation. The catalytic performance of Ag/La(OH)3 composite was highly dependent on the Ag content and calcination temperature. CO oxidation studies showed that the nanorod composite calcined at 300°C exhibited higher activity for CO oxidation in comparison with the uncalcined sample and pure La(OH)3 nanorods. The Ag/La(OH)3 nanorod framework should be a promising catalyst for CO catalytic oxidation owing to the combination of novel nanostructures and functionalized particles.



This study has been financially supported by the National Natural Science Foundation of China (Grant Nos. 51371135, 51771141).

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© The Minerals, Metals & Materials Society 2018

Authors and Affiliations

  1. 1.School of Science, MOE Key Laboratory for Non-Equilibrium Synthesis and Modulation of Condensed Matter, Key Laboratory of Shaanxi for Advanced Functional Materials and Mesoscopic PhysicsXi’an Jiaotong UniversityXi’anPeople’s Republic of China
  2. 2.Xi’an Institute of Electromechanical Information TechnologyXi’anPeople’s Republic of China
  3. 3.Department of Engineering MechanicsShijiazhuang Tiedao UniversityShijiazhuangPeople’s Republic of China
  4. 4.Fengfan Co., Ltd.BaodingPeople’s Republic of China

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