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Effect of Microwave Irradiation Time on Structure, Morphology, and Supercapacitor Properties of Functionalized Graphene

  • Bo LiuEmail author
  • Hongjuan SunEmail author
  • Tongjiang Peng
  • Xiaolong Zhao
Energy Materials


To reveal the effects of microwave irradiation on the structure, morphology, and supercapacitor performance of p-phenylenediamine (PPD)-functionalized graphene materials (FG), FG was synthesized by using PPD as a functional modifier with the combination of hydrothermal reflux and microwave irradiation. The results showed that microwave irradiation could realize rapid reduction of functionalized graphene oxide (FGO). With increase of the irradiation time, the structural defects decreased while the sp2 plane domains increased. Moreover, the lamellae began to decompose into small aggregates. Before microwave irradiation treatment, FGO exhibited good supercapacitor performance with superior specific capacitance of 614.2 F g−1 at 0.5 A g−1. However, after microwave irradiation, the supercapacitor performance of FG got worse, and the configuration types of nitrogen atoms in the FG structure changed significantly. These results indicate that microwave irradiation is not conducive to improvement of the supercapacitor performance of FG.



This work was supported by the Doctoral Foundation of Southwest University of Science and Technology (Grant No. 18zx7104), National Natural Science Foundation of China (Grant No. 41772036; U1630132), and Scientific Research Plan for Longshan Academic Talents supported by Southwest University of Science and Technology (Grant No. 17LZXT11).

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  1. 1.School of National Defense Science and TechnologySouthwest University of Science and TechnologyMianyangPeople’s Republic of China
  2. 2.Key Laboratory of Ministry of Education for Solid Waste Treatment and Resource RecycleSouthwest University of Science and TechnologyMianyangPeople’s Republic of China

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