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Production and Characterization of TiO2 Nanofilms for Hemocompatible and Photocatalytic Applications

  • C. E. SchvezovEmail author
  • M. L. Vera
  • J. M. Schuster
  • M. R. Rosenberger


Titanium dioxide (TiO2) coatings are currently produced for hemocompatible and photocatalytic applications by using two techniques: sol–gel and anodic oxidation. In this review, the research advances on TiO2 nanofilms produced with these techniques are presented, with a focus on different aspects such as process parameters, morphology, roughness, crystal structure, adhesion, wear and erosion resistance, corrosion resistance, hemocompatibility, toxicity, plaque and bacterial adhesion, and heterogeneous photocatalysis of immobilized porous material. This review was presented at the 3rd Pan American Materials Congress at the 2017 TMS Annual Meeting and Exhibition in San Diego, California, USA.


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  • C. E. Schvezov
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  • M. L. Vera
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  • J. M. Schuster
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  • M. R. Rosenberger
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