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Vision for Data and Informatics in the Future Materials Innovation Ecosystem

  • Surya R. KalidindiEmail author
  • Andrew J. Medford
  • David L. McDowell


The high cost and time typically expended in the successful deployment of new materials into high-performance commercial products is attributable to multiple factors. The most significant of these include the heavy reliance on experiments, the persisting disconnect between multiscale experiments and multiscale models, the lack of a broadly accessible data and knowledge infrastructure that can support the implementation of a holistic systems approach, and the lack of a suitable framework for facilitating and enhancing the critically needed cross-disciplinary collaborations. The emerging discipline of materials data science and informatics (MDSI) promises to address these key technology gaps. The potential benefits to the materials innovation enterprise that could accrue from an aggressive adoption of the novel concepts and toolsets offered by MDSI are examined. A specific vision is expounded for the role of MDSI in bridging the large gap that exists between the multiscale materials experiments and the multiscale materials models.


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SRK and AM acknowledge support from NIST 70NANB14H191 and internal funding from Georgia Tech’s IDEAS grant. DLM is grateful for the support of the Georgia Tech Institute for Materials, as well as the Carter N. Paden, Jr. Distinguished Chair in Metals Processing.


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