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Microstructure Modeling in Integrated Computational Materials Engineering (ICME) Settings: Can HDF5 Provide the Basis for an Emerging Standard for Describing Microstructures?

  • G. J. SchmitzEmail author


The importance of microstructure simulation in integrated computational materials engineering settings in relation to the added value provided for macroscopic process simulation, as well as the contribution this kind of simulation can make in predicting material properties, are discussed. The roles of microstructure simulation in integrating scales ranging from component/process scales down to atomistic scales, and also in integrating experimental and virtual worlds, are highlighted. The hierarchical data format (HDF5) as a basis for enhancing the interoperability of the heterogeneous range of simulation tools and experimental datasets in the area of computational materials engineering is discussed. Several ongoing developments indicate that HDF5 might evolve into a de facto standard for digital microstructure representation of all length scales.


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The present work is part of ongoing activities within the European Coordination and Support Action ICMEg (Grant EU FP7 6067114) and the cluster of excellence “Integrative Production Technologies for High Wage Countries” funded by the Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft.


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