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Using JMatPro to model materials properties and behavior

  • N. Saunders
  • U. K. Z. Guo
  • X. Li
  • A. P. Miodownik
  • J. -Ph. Schillé
Industrial Insight Phase Diagrams


This article describes the development of a new multi-platform software program called JMatPro for calculating the properties and behavior of multi-component alloys. These properties are wide ranging, including thermophysical and physical properties (from room temperature to the liquid state), time-temperature-transformation/continuous-cooling transformation diagrams, stress/strain diagrams, proof and tensile stress, hardness, coarsening of γ′ and γ″, and creep. A feature of the new program is that the calculations are based on sound physical principles rather than purely statistical methods. Thus, many of the shortcomings of methods such as regression analysis can be overcome. With this program, sensitivity to microstructure can be included for many of the properties and the true inter-relationship between properties can be developed, for example in the modeling of creep and precipitation hardening.


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  • U. K. Z. Guo
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