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, Volume 36, Issue 4, pp 625–634 | Cite as

Improved photoluminescence and monodisperse performance of colloidal CdTe quantum dots with Cannula method

  • Erdem ElibolEmail author
  • Pınar Sevim Elibol
  • Musa Çadırcı
  • Nedim Tutkun
Materials (Organic, Inorganic, Electronic, Thin Films)


Colloidal quantum dots are nano semiconductor materials that have been found in many applications, producing multiple exciton generation, unique optical and electronic properties, adjustable in size and bandwidth. Synthesized QDs are expected to exhibit high photoluminescence quantum yield and monodisperse properties according to their application area. Cannula method was adapted together with the organometallic synthesis method for the first time in the literature to increase the photoluminescence quantum yield of organometallic CdTe QD and minimize the full width at half maximum value of the photoluminescence band. Injection of precursors by the Cannula method is much faster than the injecting with the conventional method of using a glass syringe, which limits the size distribution in the solution during synthesis. In addition, the fastest injection method using Cannula method yields the shortest full width half maximum value of 27.20 nm for CdTe QDs in the literature. The photoluminescence quantum yield value of the CdTe QDs synthesized by the classical method was 8.12±2.1%, while the photoluminescence quantum yield of the CdTe QDs synthesized by the Cannula method was increased to 25.66±2.1%.


Quantum Dots CdTe PLQY FWHM Cannula 


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  • Erdem Elibol
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  • Pınar Sevim Elibol
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  • Musa Çadırcı
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  • Nedim Tutkun
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