Korean Journal of Chemical Engineering

, Volume 31, Issue 4, pp 630–638 | Cite as

Reductive removal of hexavalent chromium from aqueous solution using sepiolite-stabilized zero-valent iron nanoparticles: Process optimization and kinetic studies

  • Amirhosein Ramazanpour Esfahani
  • Saeid Hojati
  • Amin Azimi
  • Leila Alidokht
  • Alireza Khataee
  • Meysam Farzadian
Environmental Engineering


We studied the optimization of hexavalent chromium (Cr(VI)) removal from aqueous solution using the synthesized zero-valent iron nanoparticles stabilized with sepiolite clay (S-ZVIN), under various parameters such as reaction time (min), initial solution pH and concentration of S-ZVIN (g·L−1) using response surface methodology (RSM). The kinetic study of Cr(VI) was conducted using three types of the most commonly used kinetic models including pseudo zero-order, pseudo first-order, and pseudo second-order models. The rate of reduction reaction showed the best fit with the pseudo first-order kinetic model. The process optimization results revealed a high agreement between the experimental and the predicted data (R2=0.945, Adj-R2=0.890). The results of statistical analyses showed that reaction time was the most impressive factor influencing the efficiency of removal process. The optimum conditions for maximum response (98.15%) were achieved at the initial pH of 4.7, S-ZVIN concentration of 1.3 g·L−1 and the reaction time of 75 min.


Zero-valent Iron Sepiolite Hexavalent Chromium Response Surface Methodology Central Composite Design 


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© Korean Institute of Chemical Engineers, Seoul, Korea 2013

Authors and Affiliations

  • Amirhosein Ramazanpour Esfahani
    • 1
  • Saeid Hojati
    • 1
  • Amin Azimi
    • 2
  • Leila Alidokht
    • 3
  • Alireza Khataee
    • 4
  • Meysam Farzadian
    • 1
  1. 1.Department of Soil Science, Faculty of AgricultureShahid Chamran UniversityAhvazIran
  2. 2.Department of Soil Science, Faculty of AgricultureIslamic Azad University of Science and Research of KhorasganEsfahanIran
  3. 3.Department of Soil Science, Faculty of AgricultureUniversity of TabrizTabrizIran
  4. 4.Research Laboratory of Advanced Water and Wastewater Treatment Processes, Department of Applied Chemistry, Faculty of ChemistryUniversity of TabrizTabrizIran

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