Korean Journal of Chemical Engineering

, Volume 25, Issue 6, pp 1350–1354 | Cite as

Production of biodiesel from soapstock using an ion-exchange resin catalyst

  • Ji-Yeon Park
  • Deog-Keun Kim
  • Zhong-Ming Wang
  • Joon-Pyo Lee
  • Soon-Chul Park
  • Jin-Suk LeeEmail author
Energy and Environmental Engineering


The feasibility of biodiesel production from soapstock containing high water content and fatty matters by a solid acid catalyst was investigated. Soapstock was converted to high-acid acid oil (HAAO) by the hydrolysis by KOH and the acidulation by sulfuric acid. The acid value of soapstock-HAAO increased to 199.1 mg KOH/g but a large amount of potassium sulfate was produced. To resolve the formation of potassium sulfate, acid oil was extracted from soapstock and was converted to HAAO by using sodium dodecyl benzene sulfonate (SDBS). The maximum acid value of acid oil-HAAO was 194.2 mg KOH/g when the mass ratio of acid oil, sulfuric acid, and water was 10: 4: 10 at 2% of SDBS. In the esterification of HAAO using Amberylst-15, fatty acid methyl ester (FAME) concentration was 91.7 and 81.3% for soapstock and acid oil, respectively. After the distillation, FAME concentration became 98.1% and 96.7% for soapstock and acid oil. The distillation process decreased the total glycerin and the acid value of FAME produced a little.

Key words

Biodiesel Soapstock Acid Oil Anionic Surfactant High-acid Acid Oil Solid Acid Catalyst 


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Authors and Affiliations

  • Ji-Yeon Park
    • 1
  • Deog-Keun Kim
    • 1
  • Zhong-Ming Wang
    • 2
  • Joon-Pyo Lee
    • 1
  • Soon-Chul Park
    • 1
  • Jin-Suk Lee
    • 1
    Email author
  1. 1.Korea Institute of Energy ResearchDaejeonKorea
  2. 2.Guangzhou Institute of Energy ConversionGuangzhouChina

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