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A photonic crystal fiber for supporting 30 orbital angular momentum modes with low dispersion

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This paper proposes a novel photonic crystal optical fiber which can support 30 orbital angular momentum (OAM) modes transmission and possesses relatively flat and low dispersion. The OAM modes can be well-separated due to the large effective refractive index difference (above 10−4 ) between the eigenmodes. The only material of the designed fiber is silica. The dispersion of each OAM mode is controlled in the range of 50–100 ps·nm−1·km−1 and the total dispersion variation is below 10 ps·nm−1·km−1 from 1 500 nm to 1 600 nm. Moreover, the confinement loss of each OAM mode is below 8.17×10−10 dB/m at 1 550 nm, and the nonlinear coefficients is less than 0.71 W−1 /km for all modes at 1 550 nm. With all these good features, this proposed optical fiber is promising to be applied in fiber-based OAM communication systems.

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Correspondence to Yong You 游永.

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This work has been supported by the National Natural Science Foundation of China (Nos. 11704283, 11804250 and U1509207), and the Tianjin Natural Science Foundation (Nos.19JCQNJC01500 and 18JCQNJC71300).

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