Optoelectronics Letters

, 7:154

Theoretical shape analysis of tapered fibers using a movable large-zone furnace

  • Wei-min Sun (孙伟民)
  • Ming Yuan (袁明)
  • Xian-jin Zeng (曾宪金)
  • T. A. Birks


To estimate the shape of tapered fibers using tapering machines with movable large-zone furnaces, a new calculation method is proposed based on the discrete deducing method and the principle of the volume conservation of the fiber materials. This method can estimate the tapering results, i.e., the shape of the tapered fibers, based on arbitrary moving parameters of the large-zone furnace and the fiber holders. The theoretical estimated results agree with the experimental measuring shape of the tapered fibers quite well.


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© Tianjin University of Technology and Springer-Verlag Berlin Heidelberg 2011

Authors and Affiliations

  • Wei-min Sun (孙伟民)
    • 1
  • Ming Yuan (袁明)
    • 1
  • Xian-jin Zeng (曾宪金)
    • 1
  • T. A. Birks
    • 2
  1. 1.College of ScienceHarbin Engineering UniversityHarbinChina
  2. 2.Department of PhysicsUniversity of BathBathUK

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