A Bunch of Diagrammatic Methods for Syllogistic

  • Frank Thomas SautterEmail author


This paper presents, assesses, and compares six diagrammatic methods for Categorical Syllogistic. Venn’s Method is widely used in logic textbooks; Carroll’s Method is a topologically indistinguishable version of Venn’s Method; and the four remaining methods are my own: the Dual of Carroll’s Method, Gardner’s Method, Gardner–Peirce’s Method, and Ladd’s Method. These methods are divided into two groups of three and the reasons for switching from a method to another within each group are discussed. Finally, a comparison between the Dual of Carroll’s Method and Ladd’s Method supports the main result of the paper, which is an approximation of the two groups of methods.


Diagrammatic methods Quantity Representation of propositions Representation of terms Single rule 

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Primary 03B80 


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