Positive Amalgamation

  • Mohammed BelkasmiEmail author


We study the amalgamation property in positive logic, where we shed light on some connections between the amalgamation property, Robinson theories, model-complete theories and the Hausdorff property.


Positive logic h-Inductive h-Universal Positively existentially closed h-Maximal Robinson theories Hausdorff theories Positive amalgamation Amalgamation basis Kaiser’s hull Model-complete T-weakly complementary 

Mathematics Subject Classification

Primary 03C95 Secondary 03C48 03C10 


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The author gratefully acknowledge Qassim University, represented by the Deanship of Scientific Research, on the material support for this research under the number (1382) during the academic year 1438AH/2017AD.


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Authors and Affiliations

  1. 1.Department of MathematicsQassim UniversityBuraydahSaudi Arabia

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