Complex Analysis and Operator Theory

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Matrix Bundles and Operator Algebras Over a Finitely Bordered Riemann Surface

  • Kathryn McCormickEmail author


This note presents an analysis of a class of operator algebras constructed as cross-sectional algebras of flat holomorphic matrix bundles over a finitely bordered Riemann surface. These algebras are partly inspired by the bundle shifts of Abrahamse and Douglas. The first objective is to understand the boundary representations of the containing \(C^*\)-algebra, i.e. Arveson’s noncommutative Choquet boundary for each of our operator algebras. The boundary representations of our operator algebras for their containing \(C^*\)-algebras are calculated, and it is shown that they correspond to evaluations on the boundary of the Riemann surface. Secondly, we show that our algebras are Azumaya algebras, the algebraic analogues of n-homogeneous \(C^*\)-algebras.


Subalgebras of \(C^*\)-algebras Matrix bundle Riemann surface \(C^*\)-envelope Azumaya algebra Homogeneous \(C^*\)-algebra 



The author would like to thank Paul Muhly for his incisive and insightful feedback, as well as his lively encouragement, during the preparation of this work.


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