Complex Analysis and Operator Theory

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Abstract Characteristic Function

  • Tirthankar BhattacharyyaEmail author


The characteristic function for a contraction is a classical complete unitary invariant devised by Sz.-Nagy and Foias. Just as a contraction is related to the Szego kernel \({k_S(z,w) = (1 - z {\overline {w}})^{-1}}\) for |z|, |w| < 1, by means of (1/k S )(T, T*) ≥ 0, we consider an arbitrary open connected domain Ω in \({{\mathbb {C}}^n}\), a kernel k on Ω so that 1/k is a polynomial and a tuple T = (T 1, T 2, . . . , T n ) of commuting bounded operators on a complex separable Hilbert space \({\mathcal H}\) such that (1/k)(T, T*) ≥ 0. Under some standard assumptions on k, it turns out that whether a characteristic function can be associated with T or not depends not only on T, but also on the kernel k. We give a necessary and sufficient condition. When this condition is satisfied, a functional model can be constructed. Moreover, the characteristic function then is a complete unitary invariant for a suitable class of tuples T.


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