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Finite element simulation and microstructure of two-pass inner spinning process of curved-generatrix cone cylindrical parts with annealing/quenching

  • Zeng-liang Hao (郝增亮)
  • Zhe-yi Yang (杨哲懿)
  • Wei Wei (魏巍)
  • Lei Liu (刘磊)
  • Jun-ting Luo (骆俊廷)Email author
  • Jin-heng Liu (刘金恒)


A two-pass annealing/quenching internal spinning process with small-end rotations is proposed to form a curved generatrix conical thin-walled shell. That is, annealing at 360°C for 2 h followed by the 1st pass spinning, and finally quenching in ice water after holding for 1 h at 498 °C followed by the 2nd pass spinning. ABAQUS finite element software is used to simulate the internal spinning process of the products formed under different forming parameters. The distribution laws of spinning force, the stress and strain under different forming processes were compared and analyzed. The mechanical properties and microstructure of the products are subsequently analyzed. The results show that the strain and the residual stress in the skin area of the formed products under two-pass spinning process more uniform, and the hardness and the mechanical performance are improved. The microstructure of the products formed with the 0.15 mm thickness reduction at the 2nd pass is excellent. And the second phase grain size distributed uniformly in the range of 3–6 µm. Whereas, the second phase particles are broken seriously and the size distribution inhomogeneity is increased when the thickness reduction in the skin area is greater than 0.20 mm at the 2nd pass spinning process.

Key words

curved generatrix conical internal spinning process annealing/quenching small-end rotations finite element simulation 

曲母线锥筒形件退火/淬火-2 道次内旋压成形有限元仿真及制品的微观组织


本文提出大型锥筒形薄壁壳体小端起旋退火/淬火-2 道次内旋压成形工艺,即 360 °C 保温2 h 毛坯退火-第1 道次旋压-498 °C 保温1 h 水淬-第2 道次旋压。采用ABAQUS 有限元软件对不同工艺 参数下的成形过程进行有限元模拟,对比分析不同成形工艺下的旋压力、应力和应变的分布规律,并 对旋压制品的力学性能及微观组织进行分析。结果表明:2 道次内旋压下成形件的应变和残余应力较 均匀,硬度和力学性能得到改善;第2 道次成形时蒙皮部分减薄量为0.15 mm 时制品的组织性能较好, 第二相晶粒尺寸在3~6 μm 区间内分布均匀,而当蒙皮部分减薄量超过0.20 mm 时,容易造成制品的 第二相粒子破碎严重,尺寸分布不均匀性增加。


曲母线锥筒形件 内旋压 退火/淬火 小端起旋 有限元模拟 


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  1. 1.Key Laboratory of Advanced Forging & Stamping Technology and Science of Ministry of EducationYanshan UniversityQinhuangdaoChina
  2. 2.State Key Laboratory of Metastable Materials Science and TechnologyYanshan UniversityQinhuangdaoChina
  3. 3.Hebei Construction Material Vocational and Technical CollegeQinhuangdaoChina

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