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Integrated yaw and rollover control based on differential braking for off-road vehicles with mechanical elastic wheel

  • Hai-qing Li (李海青)
  • You-qun Zhao (赵又群)Email author
  • Fen Lin (林棻)
  • Zhen Xiao (肖振)


Aiming at the issue of yaw and rollover stability control for off-road vehicles with non-pneumatic mechanical elastic wheel (MEW), an integrated control system based on fuzzy differential braking is developed. By simplifying the structure of the MEW, a corresponding fitting brush tire model is constructed and its longitudinal and lateral tire force expressions are set up, respectively. Then, a nonlinear vehicle simulation model with MEW is established to validate the proposed control scheme based on Carsim. The designed yaw and rollover control system is a two-level structure with the upper additional moment controller, which utilizes a predictive load transfer ratio (PLTR) as the rollover index. In order to design the upper integrated control algorithm, fuzzy proportional-integral-derivative (PID) is adopted to coordinate the yaw and rollover control, simultaneously. And the lower control allocator realizes the additional moment to the vehicle by differential braking. Finally, a Carsim-simulink co-simulation model is constructed, and simulation results show that the integrated control system could improve the vehicle yaw and roll stability, and prevent rollover happening.

Key words

integrated control rollover stability yaw stability active braking fuzzy control co-simulation mechanical elastic wheel 



为深入研究匹配机械弹性车轮(MEW)的某越野车的横摆与侧翻稳定性集成控制策略, 利用刷子 简化理论模型建立了 MEW 纵滑与侧偏理论模型, 并利用 Carsim 软件建立了匹配 MEW 的整车非线性 仿真模型;以预测载荷转移率(PLTR)作为上层决策指标建立了具有上下两层结构的横摆与侧翻控制系 统, 上层控制器利用模糊 PID 控制方法进行横摆与侧翻力矩决策, 下层控制系统利用差动制动实现 对来自上层制动力矩的分配与实施。通过与 Carsim 的联合仿真, 在 Simulink 中建立了集成控制算法, 结果表明设计的横摆与侧翻稳定性集成控制算法在防侧翻的同时提高了汽车的横摆稳定性, 特别是在 极限工况下能有效防止侧翻事故的发生。


集成控制 侧翻稳定性 横摆稳定性 主动制动 模糊控制 联合仿真 机械弹性车轮 


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